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Our Story

We are a small family-owned business committed to using and showcasing the very best of Shetland produce.
Since launching Island Larder in 2017 we have revamped and grown the business several times, including overhauling our operation during the Covid-19 pandemic, launching a host of new products including artisan ice-cream and an expanded range of fudge and other confectionary items.
We are so passionate about all things Shetland and have always wanted to run an independent business taking advantage of all the fantastic local ingredients that are available right on our doorstep.
Island Larder is proud to be marketing and showcasing both of these beloved facets of Shetland culture to the wider world because we simply just love our home islands and want to spread the word about this special place as far and wide as we can. 
Shetland’s capital Lerwick is the home of our premises, in the heart of Lerwick’s historic and picturesque town centre, where we produce all of our confectionary items. The building itself, on Commercial Street, is steeped in history and was formerly run as Smiths of Lerwick, a family-run clothing shop for many decades. Both my granny and my husband’s granny worked in the store, and we use the same bunker that they served from today, made by hand with all the original dents, scrapes and stories.


We put pride and passion into everything we do, from training our staff and displaying our creations, to making our irresistible goodies. We believe that compromise is not an option, both when choosing our ingredients, from local sources wherever possible, taking care with our packaging-we pledge to recycle wherever possible-to making sure web orders are dealt with promptly and efficiently-Shetland weather not withstanding!