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Collection Service Policy

Island Larder Collection Service

Min order £15 and no max spend.

​Due to levels of stock fluctuating on a daily basis, there is always a chance of a situation where we can't fulfil the entire order. Please allow up to a 20% discrepancy on your requested weight as it is very difficult for us to hit e.g. exactly 500g in the bag (although we are getting better!)

If you want to order via telephone, please get in touch and we would be more than happy to help.

​Majority of items are paper packed or loose - please bring your own carrier bags.

​Please bring clean/dry milk bottles to be refilled during the Collection service. You will be asked to wash your hands and sanitise the exterior of the bottle (sanitiser and paper towels provided) before passing it to our member of staff on your arrival.

IMPORTANT ALLERGEN NOTICE - Due to the nature of zero waste shopping, it is inevitable that nearly all allergens are present in the shop. Whether this be in the form of the product itself or traces due to the manufacturing process, other allergens may be present in your product. We do everything that we can to keep allergens separate within the shop and in storage, however there is still a chance of traces in an open environment as allergens are present on the premises. If you or someone you are buying for has even a minor allergy, please email for further information before shopping with us. Please also read our allergens policy. If you request allergen information on our range of COOK frozen ready meals please check out their website for specific details or again call us on 01595694324 and a member of staff will do their best to help.