Covid-19 Policy


A surreal couple of months...

It's been a strange time for everyone and we feel that on opening our new fine food store, we have a duty and responsibility to make sure all our customers feel welcome and safe.

Its not been straight forward - as many of you know, our Fudge Shop and Island Larder – Street-food takeaway - had to close due to Lerwick being desolate with the much needed 'Stay at Home' message since March.

As we slowly move into the next phase of adjustment in the lockdown measures, we are delighted to let you know how the our shop will operate with Covid Secure Safety Measures.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank any key workers that may be reading our updates and express our gratitude for your hard work these last few months!

We have two floors ready for customer access, but we're limiting self-service as we are trying to reduce the areas that will be touched in order to sanitise after every contact. Please see below for the summary of Covid-19 safety measures:


We apologise that we have so many procedures - they have been put in place in order for us to protect customers and staff. We want to keep our community fed whilst operating safely. We will continually strive to ensure we can provide a safe service.


Small businesses have certainly taken a big hit during this time, and starting a new business is nothing but scary. Being advocates for supporting small businesses ourselves - when you support us you also support all the independent producers and suppliers that we work with. We would love for all small businesses to have a good chance of remaining open after the pandemic settles down. We understand that we won't always be able to compete with some supermarket prices but we will always strive to be able to offer the best price possible on unique, eco-friendly, high-quality products whilst sourcing as local as possible and providing a safer, relaxed environment for you to shop.

Thank you so much for your support!

Magnus, Nicola and the Island Larder Team